Career Grit Programmes

In the challenging times in which we live, we need to be able to persevere and overcome setbacks, small and large. One day our careers and projects can be going well and the next, we’re facing some real challenges.

Grit is your capacity to adapt to change, to deal with stress, adversity and uncertainty. It’s your ability to stand back up when you get knocked down and to grow from your experiences and challenges.

Grit isn’t something you’re born with–it’s a skill and an approach to life that you develop.

  • Resilient people are more optimistic, adaptable and independent.
  • They find it easier to rebound from setbacks and respond to pressure-filled situations.
  • They are also better at solving problems and responding creatively to life’s curve balls.

You can’t control everything that happens to you in your career and it’s harder than ever to plan for the long-term, but you can build your capacity to respond effectively to the opportunities and challenges that come your way.

We offer the following GRIT products in corporates and for individuals:

  • GRIT mentoring programme
  • Career GRIT Virtual Retreats
  • GRIT workshops
  • “Increase your energy” workshops
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GRIT mentoring programmeCareer GRIT Virtual RetreatsGRIT workshops“Increase your energy” workshops