Navigating your Career – 5 steps to Success in the New World of Work

The primary will of the world, based on the polling done by Gallup organisation, is no longer about peace, freedom or even democracy; it is not about having a family, and it is neither about God or owning a home or land. The will of the world is first and foremost to have a good job. Everything else comes after that. A good job is a social value. In fact, Gallup has found through extensive worldwide polling that it is the No. 1 social value in the world.

The current world of work offers a vast array of career options and job possibilities. The increasing prevalence of more flexible work arrangements, individualised workplace experiences, multinational teams and corporate lattices (which have replaced corporate ladders) are all expected to increase these options further. In this environment, it is more important than ever to learn the skills and mindsets required to navigate your career.

This increased choice and complexity may cause you to become confused about what new steps to take in your career, which job option to choose, and how to find or create meaningful work. A person facing any of these troubles may feel overwhelmed, fearful, indecisive or despairing. These problems, relating to a person’s career and workplace, are what we call career dilemmas.

“My job” defines “my identity” more than ever before leading to an unprecedented number of career dilemmas. The world of work has never been as difficult or complicated as it is right now yet there have never been as many opportunities. This leads to further career dilemmas.


Our process Navigating your Career TM guides those facing career dilemmas

  • to treat your career as a journey to be navigated,
  • adopt radical new mindsets
  • and follow five steps for lifelong job satisfaction.

This is not a quick-fix solution; it will require hard work and focus to become a successful career navigator.

If you know what you’re looking for, and are sure of how to position yourself in a competitive job market, there are ways for you to find your dream job and not only for the short term: you can actually spend every day of your life doing something that you love and which contributes to the world. Start your journey today down a fulfilling and rewarding path.

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