Our Story

You may know someone who is trapped in their job, unsure which career path to follow, frustrated with their current role, facing a career dilemma or looking for new career direction. You may be one of those people.

The world of work has changed and continues to change making career navigation more complex and challenging. Career dilemmas are on the rise.

This is not because of the reasons you think. It has nothing to do with whether a person is smart enough, good enough, hard working or not. It is simply because people lack the skill to navigate their career.

We hate seeing good people trapped. We hate seeing good opportunities pass by.
We can’t keep quiet about this anymore, as the costs of career dilemmas are too high both from a personal and a company point of view. Have you noticed the low levels of engagement and enthusiasm in the workplace? Have you noticed people trapped in their jobs and paying the price in high levels of frustration or low self-esteem?

story-iconsLet’s change this. Let’s begin creating an energised and engaged workforce that can embrace the new world of work. You can be energised and be in control of your career.

We want to empower you with the skills and mindsets so you can navigate your career in the new world of work. Join one of our workshops, read one of our books, attend an individual session, indulge in a career makeover, join a mentoring programme, enroll your key talent pool and get that energy back to embrace the changing world of work.

We understand that you too may want to spread the word that Career Dilemmas can be solved so we have created the Career Advisor Certification so you too can go out there and make a difference and be the start of something great.