Philip’s Story

By Kerry Dawkins

Philip was a 40-year-old financial manager in a large corporate company when he was passed over for a promotion. Looking tired and deflated when we met him, he said, ‘They just don’t get it. They have employed a new guy to take the role I should have been given. I think they will head into serious problems if they promote people with such little experience. My health is suffering, as I have been working late every night and I just don’t think I can do this anymore. I applied to a recruitment agency but they never responded. Do you think you can find me another job?’

Philip continued by saying that his current job was his third job in five years and then said, ‘I have just had such bad luck with the companies I choose. I have been chatting to a friend of mine, who has been very successful in business, and he suggested that I try to get a job at this amazing new start-up company that has done so well in the UK.’

Philip went through the Navigate your Career process with Potential At Work during which time we assisted him to adopt a new mindset to career navigation. He identified his talents as “developing others” and “patiently explaining how things work to those around him”. Using his IT financial knowledge, he decided to volunteer for training and development projects in his division. He loved the projects and the interaction with all his colleagues. He noticed that he was having a positive impact on everyone in his training. Through a combination of skills development and deliberate practice he became skilled at improving the IT skills and knowledge of those around him. Five years later, he secured the job of “Head of training and development” in a large IT company and can say that he loves what he does and he is making a real difference in the lives of others.