Devin Gray

Age: 17
School: Fourways High School

Expert’s opinion

His real dilemma

He was unsure what to study after school.

Steps taken to resolve the dilemma

We did detailed testing including Prevue, SDS, SAVII, 19 Fields of Interest and StrengthsFinder. StrengthsFinder showed his talents to be: Adaptability, Ideation, Command, Restorative, and Strategic.

Expert’s view on Devin’s biggest challenge 

Keeping focused on his studies and building an alternative career until his comedy act can support him financially.


Study design which would use his natural abilities and would interest him. It would allow him to use his alternative thinking, use his restorative talent and extend his questioning mind. I suggested that he follow a career in design (especially where he can find problems in the current design or functionality and suggest ideas to make it work better). Exactly where he should study would depend upon Grade 11 marks.

His biggest learning 

He can do comedy and have a fun day job. He has a Strategic and Ideation talent.

What does Devin have to say?

Did you get more direction from the Makeover Programme? 

Yes, the most beneficial part was finding my talents to see what I would be good at and what I’m able to do. I realised that anything is possible but you have to work hard.

Do you know more about yourself? 

Yes, I realised that I have a high artistic side and I’m able to think logically and strategically.