Cathrine Ramaoka

Age: 23
Varsity: Unisa

Expert’s opinion

Her real dilemma

She was unsure of what job she wanted to do and lacked job-finding skills.

Steps taken to resolve the dilemma

We did detailed testing including Prevue and StrengthsFinder. Her talents are Context, Adaptability, Empathy, Input and Learner.

Expert’s view on Cathrine’s biggest challenge

Finding career direction and confidently asking for what she wants.


We prepared a summary to tell people about herself and what job she wants. We have also prepared an opportunity spidergram to identify job opportunities and contacts for finding a job.

Currently I’m supporting her via email in her networking and job-finding process. She’s also looking for opportunities in Graduate Management Programmes.

Her biggest learning

We’re working towards her believing that she can speak confidently and that she can find a job.

What does Cathrine have to say?

Did you get more direction from the Makeover Programme?

I learnt how to tell people who I am and what I want to do. Before the makeover I didn’t know how to approach people for a job, but now I do!