Career Makeover

Our Career Makeovers are designed to allow you to overcome your career dilemmas and transform your career.

The current world of work offers a vast array of career options and job possibilities. The increasing prevalence of more flexible work arrangements, individualised workplace experiences, multinational teams and corporate lattices (which have replaced corporate ladders) are all expected to increase these options further. In this environment, it is more important than ever to learn the skills and mindsets required to navigate your career.

This increased choice and complexity may cause you to become confused about what new steps to take in your career, which job option to choose, and how to find or create meaningful work. A person facing any of these troubles may feel overwhelmed, fearful, indecisive or despairing. This is where we step in to assist you to understand yourself and navigate the world of work so that you can achieve career success.


The Career Makeover includes career assessments, personality tests and you will be taken through our Navigating your Career TM in a 90 minute session with a career development specialist.

You will receive a report summarizing the outcomes of our process and a follow-up session to monitor your progress.The session can be held in person in Sandton or via Skype. Further sessions are available for an additional fee.


Students: R2,500
Employed: R3,500
Additional sessions: R1,500 per hour
(See our Virtual Career Retreat option if this is too expensive for you)

Case Studies

The results of our first Career Makeover are in!
Read on to see what our expert (and our candidates) have to say!