How do we expect teachers trained in Maths and English to take on the responsibilities of teaching LO and advising on careers?


The result of poor career advice is that many young South Africans are following career paths that are not suitable to their profile or where they have no interest or where there is little possibility of securing a job. I can hear you saying that all that is important is to secure a job and while this is partly true we have to question how South Africa will become competitive in the global economy if our people have no passion or interest in their work.

In 2014 and beyond, we suggest that our LO teachers and career advisors need training and development to give good advice and be able to connect in some way to what is meaningful for each young person. This will go a long way in raising the energy and motivation of young South Africans. LO teachers and career advisors need to know how to assist young South Africans to open up possibilities for their future and navigate the very complex world of work.