Ever heard of reverse mentoring?

In reverse mentoring, a young person (most likely Generation Y) agrees to mentor a Senior Executive. I guess it makes you feel nervous and you are wondering, “How can I mentor a senior person? They have so much experience.”

The truth is that many senior people who are making critical business decisions have lost contact with the desires, needs and challenges of people your age. You can help them to better understand their target market or possibly come up with products for the younger generation. You can help the senior person to understand what it is really like to work in the business and what small changes may make a huge difference in efficiency and profit. You can help them understand what motivates younger people.

Remember it is not an opportunity to ask for more salary or discuss all your grievances! It is a great way to get connected to a more senior person and it can open many doors. We advise that you show respect and that you behave in a professional manner. This is an opportunity for you to add enormous value to the company and a senior person. Grab the opportunity if you get it.